Wadi Rum

Being in Wadi Rum was like landing on the surface of mars. We took a tour via SUV w/ a guide and hit up those tourist photo op stops… Plenty of scrambling up rocks and sand dunes and trying to photograph the vast red-ness of the whole place. 

We stayed at a “bedouin camp” which was essentially glamping for Western Tourists in permanent tents with comfy beds. The clear night sky showed had the best star watching I’ve ever experienced. 

Night in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum Photo Op
Glamping Wadi Rum
Sand Running Wadi Rum
Bedouin Lunch in Wadi Rum
Pretty Flowers
Wadi Rum = Mars
Morning Haze Wadi Rum
Chasing the First Light Wadi Rum
Bug Hunting Hike Wadi Rum
Sunset Wadi Rum







Rock Guy Wadi Rum

Martian Wadi Rum

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