Best Friends

This first image I was trying out my fish eye lens that The Reeves so kindly gave me for christmas! It’s pretty fun and dreamy but hard to get the focus right.

IMG_2085 edit IMG_2078 edit

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See I wasn’t kidding when I said “pattern cray”. This is our awesome rug from the West Elm Outlet in San Marcos. Otie looks like a precious baby lamb. I love lazy weekends.

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Triangle Mania

Our project of the week was to paint the focal wall behind our (future) couch. The issue was that the couch’s off-white color didn’t pop against the equally boring off-white of the wall behind it so we decided to go crazy with pattern. I think Alex is still wary of all the colors and patterns but I think it’s funnnnn.

Not as cheap of a project as we thought because we had to buy 4 different greens to get the effect as well as lots of blue tape which is stupidly expensive. Think it was worth the cash though!


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Couch in Progress

My handy husband working on our future couch. It’s been sad not having a couch. That means we’ve been sitting on the floor  a lot watching tv/eating while watching tv. I think sofas are my favorite piece of furniture so I’m reeeeeaaallly hoping this little project turns out comfortable. I mean it wont be AMAZING since it’s pretty much a glorified bench but with a few throw pillows… maybe. So this gem was practically trash. Alex bought it in Hamilton a while back. We painted it a canvas white and we’re having an awesome velvety cushion made for it. Hope it looks nice. The ladies at the upholstery place didn’t speak the best of English (kind of like anyone living near us) so I’m hoping they understood me… Guess we will find out this week when they finish it!

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A Typical Saturday

This was last weekend. I have never loved Saturdays so much in my whole life… The joys of sleeping in, long walks with Otilie and my handsome husband, brunches with mimosas. NYC knows how to do weekends. Seriously. This city runs on Bloody Marys… and Dunkin.

We finished finished the table. Painted and sealed and everything. I like it.

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Can I keep him?


This little goat wandered up to The Odom’s house one morning! I wanted to keep him but for some reason, Susie was really adamant about finding his owner… Sigh. I guess his little goat-turds wouldn’t be so great in our little New York Apartment. As you can see he was really sweet and obviously terrified of Otilie. She LOVED him. We need to get her a farm one of these days. With all our extra money.

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Otie: Playgirl


Thanks to Andrew for posting this website on my Facebook and inspring Otie and my’s little photo shoot.

Otie as always was such a sweety and really didn’t mind. She of course had a bone in hand so that helped. Just wish we had done this 2 weeks before when she had a little extra “fluff”. She still looks pretty sexy though right?











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Playing Dress-Up

My aunt Elaine pulled out her wedding dress circa 1980 and I did her such a huge favor by posing for some photos so she could post the dress for sale on craigslist. The backyard and Otilie create a pretty good backdrop.























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Fishin in Eupora

On my grandmother’s property, there’s a pretty  nice little pond with some fish weighing approximately… .03 pounds. Luckily, these little guys seem to like to be caught, shown by their multiple hook holes in their lips.





















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Alex is the Best

Alexander had my friends in Paris deliver these beautiful flowers to me on Saturday morning for our Anniversary. Can’t wait to thank him in person!



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