Oia By Day

City: Oia, Santorini, Greece
Weather: 91°, sunny
Site: Town of Oia
Activity: scootering around, souvenir shopping, counting cruise ships on the horizon

Day 4: We arrive by plane to Santorini, pick up our scooter and take a rest at our cute hotel outside the town of Oia (yellow building, 2nd photo). Santorini really lives up to its beauty. It’s just like the photos (but better) and along with all that, come literal boat-loads of other tourists. Somehow, it retains most of its charm…especially since we had our own means of transportation to explore the surprisingly large island.

Santorini: Scooter party
Santorini: Soulis Apartments, our hotel
Santorini: Oia from below
Santorini: Pastel colored church
Santorini Still Life
Santorini: Oia in the evening

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