Around Cairo

City: Cairo, Egypt
Weather: 95°, sunny
Site: Downtown Cairo
Activity: Rushing around by cab


Our 12 hours in Cairo was a whirlwind. Also bitter sweet because I desperately wanted to stay but was so glad we got to see what we did. The pollution was terrible though. So thick and smoggy my nose and eyes burned the whole time we were there.

We just so happened to come on a very celebratory day. 8/6/15 was the opening of th New Suez Canal. Egyptians were literally dancing in the streets. Egyptian flags waved from most cars. But it also made the traffic gnarly.

Cairo, Egypt as viewed from an airplane.


Cairo, Egypt signage.


Market, Egyptian flag in Cairo, Egypt.


Cairo al Hussein Mosque in Cairo, Egypt.


Driving over the Nile in Cairo, Egypt.


Horse carts for tourists in Cairo, Egypt.


Mosque and blue sky in Cairo, Egypt.



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