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Escuela Havana – Renderings

Across the bay from Havana lies a quickly developing residential portion of Cuba. In contrast, scattered along the coast one finds centuries-old forts of the Old City. For Technical Communications we were asked to build an eight room school with an adjoining foundation for research. The site was particularly difficult as it has large topographical changes because of an inlet of water.

I split school’s program between the two separate, hovering bars. To the West, the student’s  classrooms sit raised above a covered playground. The bar sitting over the water to the east houses the research foundation, cafeteria, and gym. Both bars have easy access to light and fresh air via the circulation balconies that run their length. Parts of the skin, peel away to create outdoor rooms for all occupants to enjoy.

3D across edit flat



3D beside flat



3D between edit



3D playground bigger edit



3D slate flat



3D teacher lounge flat



3D Lunchroom flat small